How to use Subconscious Mind for Forgiveness

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 There are two kinds of forgiveness

To forgive somebody OR To forgive yourself..!!!

Somebody may have treated you badly or may have hurt you, broken your heart, cheat upon you that is why you are not able to forgive that person and go ahead in your life.

The second type is that you may have hurt somebody, did something bad to someone and now you are feeling guilty and shame.

This topic is going to be all about how to forgive YOURSELF.

For a new beginning and start you should forget the past bruises. You have to forgive yourself for your own betterment and health.

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Here I have listed some pointers on how should forgive yourself completely:

How to Manifest Money? | How to Attract Money?

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How to Attract Money?

Everybody wants money who doesn’t want it? But does everyone has it? No right. The reason is that people want money but does not want to work for it.

“If you want to gain something you have to work for it.” But sometimes you may feel that in spite of putting in all the efforts and hard work you don’t seem to get the result. What to do? Blame on fate? Blame on others for not helping you? Blame on god? Absolutely NO.

The first factor to manifest money is to stop blaming anyone. Blaming produces negative energy. Negative energy blocks all the positivity coming your way. So blaming is not the right option.

The second factor is believing in yourself. I’m sure many people told you to believe in yourself. But did you actually trust your abilities? Do you completely have confidence that one day you are going to rock? Think about this. Because if you had them then today you should not have read this blog.

I also have a podcast on manifesting money. My podcast contains How to manifest money using the subconscious mind with the reference of one of my favourite book – Power of your subconscious mind. If you want to listen to the great teaching of Dr Joseph Murphy go and listen to my podcast.

Coming to the topic. Some basic techniques to Manifest and attract Money are right below:

1. Realize why you want money?:

Everybody wants money for some different reason. The primary objective will be the same – food, cloth, and shelter But do you remember your secondary objective? Do you want money for showing off in front of your relatives or friends or neighbours? Do you want money for revenge? Do you want money for humiliating somebody? Or do you actually want money for your own good, or for your family? Do you want money for happy or satisfactory life? Do you want money to live life on your own terms? Sit back and realize – why you want money? If you want money for a good cause then the obstacle is definitely your own confidence and faith in yourself. If you want money for something that is actually not good, then the obstacles are definitely Bad vibes or negative energy. You must always want money for a good cause because negativity blocks all the toad of success coming your way as I mentioned above also. This point teaches us to always think positive for everybody and everything. I know bad experiences definitely hurt us but keeping grudges hold you back and you lose all the hope to win. “Stay Strong and positive even if you are hurt.”

2.A proper mantra to train your Subconscious and conscious mind:

Once you recognize or realize why you want money, the next step is to train your mind about your purpose. There are 4 ways to train your mind

  1. Morning mantra + Meditation
  2. Night Mantra + Meditation
  3. Daily 3 times Mantra + Meditation
  4. Mirror Mantra + Meditation

It is completely up to you. You must select the appropriate type of mantra and practise it daily in an empty and silent room. When you chant mantra keep calm and just think about your beautiful future ahead. Never doubt the power of mantra. Keep thinking about beautiful and wonderful things that you want to manifest.

“I like money. I love it. I use it wisely, constructively and judiciously. Money is constantly circulating in my life. I release it with joy, and it returns to me multiplied wonderfully. It is good and very good. Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance. I use it for good only, and I am grateful for my good and for the riches of my mind.”

3. Healthy Routine:

A healthy routine does not only mean having a healthy diet or exercise daily but also healthy thoughts. Of course not blaming anyone. Not thinking bad about anyone. No negative thoughts. Never pray for someone’s failure. It’s a big No. Negativity will flow towards you abundantly.

  1. Healthy diet
  2. Daily exercise
  3. Compulsory meditation for about 15 mins
  4. The mantra at the proper time.
  5. Healthy and positive thoughts.
  6. Waking up early and going to sleep early.
  7. Following your routine properly.

Keep in mind. Success and money will flow to you only when you have positive vibes around you. Do not block it by not following a proper routine.

4. You cannot get something from nothing:

You want money? Work for it. No donkey work but smart work. Do you research the best way to do the work which you are doing right now? Maximum people will tell no. whatever you are doing; business, service, professional, freelancer, blogger, Artist or any work, research the best way you can execute your work. It will present your creativity and seriousness to your work. It will also make you unique from everybody. Your work will gain recognition easily.

“If you want fame, do it differently.”

That’s all, you are ready to manifest tons of money. Money will flow in your life.


  1. Don’t play the blame game. It attracts negativity.
  2. Desire money for a good cause not for something bad.
  3. Chant mantra regularly, don’t skip it. Remember you are training your conscious and subconscious mind.
  4. Follow a genuine healthy routine. My Formula:

Healthy diet + meditation + proper sleep + healthy and positive thoughts + Mantra = Success and Money

5. Research about your work. It will make you unique in the crowd.

Thank you

Stress Management for students during Covid-19: How to manage stress during Covid-19 Pandemic?

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Hey friends…How are you? Hope you are doing good.

So today The topic will be about the hardship that many of our children are facing during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many students are facing lots of stress and depression due to the sudden change of routine.

“Change the plan not the goal.”

Many of the students already have their future plan ready. They plan all the to-do-list for the upcoming year. But because of the pandemic, all the plans that were made were completely ruined. Many thought that they would get a job at the age of 23 but is it all waste to think like that?

Absolutely No. Not everything goes as we planned. sometimes we need to change our plan. I am not asking you to be a teacher if you always wanted to be a doctor. We should never ever change the goal but depending upon the situation change the plan.

This blog is completely dedicated to all the students who are disappointed and don’t know what to do now. Here, I’m going to share few tips for managing stress and anxiety for students during the covid-19 pandemic.

1 . Re-plan everything:

Think about the planning you made 2 years back, it was different right? because the situation was unlike today. Take a pen and a notebook and prepare your fresh to-do list depending upon today’s situation. So you need to re-plan everything keeping points in your head. And remember always believe in your abilities.

2 . Wake up early:

It may sound a little old-fashioned, but getting up early is highly recommended for you if you want some change in your lifestyle. “The first step to win yourself is wake up early” – Sukant Ratnakar. … Get up early, Brush your teeth and make a to-do list for the day. Believe me it is tremendously effective. Waking up early and making a to-do list will help you Managing your time and energy.

3 . Meditate:

Meditation helps to ease your body, mind and soul. All your inner tensions and stress will decrease and provide you with positive energy. It will definitely increase your concentration level. Meditation is extremely recommended for those who want to increase their confidence level and fight their anxiety. Practice meditation for about 15 mins every day in the morning. You can practice any kind of meditation depending on your likes and your choice.

4 . Exercise regularly:

Exercise helps you to maintain and increase your energy level throughout the day. It also enhances your mood and helps to manage your weight. it also helps to boost your confidence and also give lots of benefits to your physical, mental and emotional health. It also helps major in reducing anxiety and depression problems. So exercise is a must.

5 . Healthy diet and lots of water:

You need to take care of yourself. Healthy diet decreases the risk of heart disease and improve your mood. It is also good for your mental health as it enhances your memory power. It gives you energy through-out the day. Drink at least 2 litres of water. It hydrated your body and also rejenutas your baody by making it flawless. Drinking water also helps for your digestion. Bad digestion means Bad mood, so if you want good mood every day start including lots of water in your daily life.

6 . Stick to the plan:

No matter what happens, don’t give up. No excuse. Stick to the plan. If you want to succeed always trust your plan and stick to it.

These were the tips to overcome stress and anxiety and start a new fresh life for students. Always believe in yourself.

The destination to heal


Personality Development: Types of Personality

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Hey friends, How are you, Hope you all are doing good.

Let us know what is personality and what are their types.

“Personality is the sum total of our outer behavior and inner qualities.”

While outer behaviour helps us to be accepted, liked and loved; inner qualities or traits make long-lasting impressions and relationships, helping us to succeed and grow throughout our lives.


There is a quote which reads……….

There are people who make things happen,

There are people who watch things happen and

There are people who asked, “what happened”.

There are as many types of personalities as there are people on the earth. Each uniquely wonderful. Some win, some lose, depending on how much they develop their personalities every day. Renowned Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung defined extroversion (or extraversion) as the ability to turn the interests and energies of one’s mind toward events, people, and things in the surroundings.

If you come across a person who loves to socialize, who is talkative, then he is more or less likely to be an extrovert. Being an extrovert is about socializing interacting with people around, sharing new ideas and being open to them. an extrovert is bold, daring fun loving always communicating first and attempting to be a can-do person.

There are three kinds of personality:

1 . Extrovert personality :

Extroverts are outgoing, enthusiastic and self-confident people. They constantly seek the company of others and are often the centre of attention. They have excellent communication skills. Extrovert are more engaged in those jobs which require interaction with people. These people are often considered team leaders and they are assertive. They always communicate first.

2 . Introvert personality:

An introvert is defined as “‘a person who tends to shrink from social contact to become preoccupied with his own thoughts.” In simple introverst is a person who focus primarily on his own mind feelings and affairs.They are reserved and responding to communication with some persuasion, also a “can do” person but within closed doors.

Introverts are more often self-consciousness, quiet, and deliberate. They are not so social and prefer to spend time in loneliness, doing a range of activities, like reading, writing, painting, etc., which makes them happy.

3 . The Ambivert

An ambivert is one whose personality type is intermediate between extrovert and introvert. An ambivert has a balanced disposition, intermediate between extroversion and introversion.

AMBIVERTS are well-balanced personalities. Ambiverts use introverts and extroverts to achieve their success and in the process, they help them also to succeed.

An Ambivert is a middle ground holder. Checks and acts, depending on the situation the person is in. Is content.

There are two types of people:

1 . The Positive

Plus, charged, willing to take chances. Succeeds more often than fails and treats failure as a step towards success.

2 . The Negative

Negative, minus, rarely smiles, blames others instead of taking charge. We can understand personality with the above five categories although various combinations of these exist to create even more categories.


Personality development is a lifelong process.

1 . It’s a pathway for people to maximise their potential by becoming aware of their skills and qualities, and thus achieve their goals in life.

2 . It helps you enhance your employability, career prospects, raise your confidence and thus help you to lead a more fulfilling, high quality life.

3 . Plan to make relevant, positive and effective life choices and decisions for your future to enable personal growth and empowerment. As you have already studied personality development means enhancing and grooming one’s outer and inner self to bring about a positive change in life.

4 . Each individual has a distinct personality that can be developed and refined.


We live in a extremely competitive environment therefore, the more developed the personality the greater are the chances of SUCCESS!

Self Image

Everyone would like to feel good about themselves. The more a personality develops the better the self image. A true reward for a life well lived.


Every human being has the responsibility of contributing to self, family, society, nation and the world. What is your duty? You, therefore, need to enhance your personality.

Thank you

How to choose career | How to choose the right career | Career Counselling

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Introduction: How to choose the right career?

Choosing a career is a crucial yet very important decision of your life. This one decision will either make your life or can totally destroy it. “It’s like finding Nemo, very tough yet possible.” You should select the career which makes you happy and give you a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

Today I’m going to share with you the secret technique to choose your perfect career with the help of ‘IKIGAI’.


What is IKIGAI?

Ikigai is the Japanese technique or formula to live a long, happy yet satisfactory life. Ikigai basically means the – ‘Purpose of life’ or ‘Meaning of the life’.

I’m going to teach you the technique to use Ikigai in your career in making decision. This secret weapon is highly used by many career counsellors.

Let’s learn the tecnique.

According to Ikigai, your career should be based on 4 important factors:

For this technique you are going to need a book and a pencil.

  • What you lOVE.

    1st list – Make a list of all the things which you love doing. It can be any random things, Make sure you add all those things which you completely enjoy doing.

  • What you are GOOD AT.

    2nd list – Select the things from the first list which you are good at. For example, I enjoy singing but I’m not good at it. I enjoy writing as well as I’m good at writing. Choose wisely all the things which you are absolutely good at.

    In the 2nd list many options from the first will get eliminated. Choose without being biased and just thinking about your happiness and satisfaction.
  • What the world NEEDS FROM YOU.

    3rd list – Now select the options from the 2nd list which world needs from you or what you can give to the world. Now, before making this List keep few thing in your mind, ‘Seclect only those options which you think you can do it for 24hours for about 15 years.’ Thinking like this will give you the perfect idea of your options.

    In the 3rd list many more things will be eliminated and you will get the perfect idea of your dream career. Note: Choose the options only based on your complelete hapinnes and satisfaction not based on the salary.
  • What you can be PAID FOR.

    4th and the last list – Now, from your 3rd list select the option which can generate enough income. This is the most important step which will give you the ultimate realization of your dream career.

    4th list will show you your true dreams and 'Purpose of your life.' This option will be the ultimate reason of your birth.

This technique is 101% beneficial. You are going to see miracles after using Ikigai for your career counselling.

Hope you guys got all the information and enjoyed reading it.

Thank you

Best Books Quotes | Knowledge Quotes | Wisdom Quotes | Reading Quotes


8 best Books quotes that you can read.

Let’s know how your subconscious mind works. Subconscious is a storage which records everything you come across. It is indeed incredible. But do you take advantage of it? Let’s learn how to memorize things faster with the help of your subconscious mind.

Let’s learn 6 basic tips when you read. This will not only help you gain knowledge and wisdom but also it will help you to implement that knowledge in your day to day life. Let’s learn how to take advantage of your subconscious mind to memorize things faster. Click on the link to know more:

Implementing a book gives you power over others; Read, Implement and be Powerful”

– Tahsin

Many people read books but how many of them implement it.? Let’s learn how to implement book in your daily life. In this blog, you will know how to memorize a book completely by the help of your subconscious mind. Memorizing doesn’t mean inch by inch but remembering it when we need that information. Click on the link to know more:

Friends can ditch us, But books will never

– Tahsin

How to become the smartest person in the world. Let’s memorize and implement each and every book that we come across. The only way to be the smartest is to learn what other smart people write:

“Reading the book doesn’t make you clever but implementing makes you.”


The subconscious mind has immense powers. And we are going to use that power to memorize and remember every book that we read. By reading my blog you will not only read but are going to implement each and everything you read:

“Make a book your friend and treat a book like the Guru.”

_ Tahsin

“Human tends to die but their writing remains immortal. Read them.”

– Tahisn

My blog is about how to start reading books for beginners. 6 tips to start reading and gaining tons of knowledge and information through it. By applying these tips you are going to get 100% results:

People say, “I’ve read 250 books.” How many of them you implemented?

– Tahsin

If you are a reader then you must know that remembering everything that you read is not possible. But let’s make it possible by following 6 important tips every day when you start reading.

“A book is like a Fairy Godmother, they grant you knowledge only when you ask for it.”

_ Tahsin

“I love to read.”

– Tahsin

6 ways to memorize a book faster | How to start reading | How to gain knowledge everyday | How to become the most intelligent person in the world


Hey friends, how are you? Hope you are doing good.

So in this blog, you are going to know and learn 6 important tips to memorize a book and implement it like a pro.

Before starting, I would like to make you understand that memorizing doesn’t mean that you have to memorize every word inch by inch. Your Subconscious mind will record it completely and whenever you face some similar situation in future the subconscious will guide you and make you remember the portion which you need.

By using this simple technique, you are not only going to memorize the book but also implement it in your daily life. So let’s look into it more.

6 important factor to remember while reading your book:

  1. Select a perfect Book to read:

You should start reading a book of your interest. What usually happens is when a book becomes very popular you read that book even if it does not belong to your genre and after that, you don’t like it. So, I would recommend you to read the book of your liking and not based on other people’s opinion and their choice. The choice should be completely owned by you.

2. Mantra:

Yes, chanting a mantra is very important. Why? let us learn. Everything that we see, touch, hear or say is recorded in our subconscious mind. but we do not remember each and everything, why? because our subconscious knows which knowledge should we remember and which is just wastage. Let me explain to you with the help of an example – When you are communicating or chit-chatting with somebody and when that person is explaining or telling something. Many things come to our mind like some of you may think of some similar experience that happened with you and you planned to tell that thing after he completed the sentence. But in between if he asked you something and then you reply and you completely forget what were you thinking. After that when you come home and try to remember about your communication, you are only going to remember what you said and what you heard. So basically if we don’t say it aloud, we are not going to remember it. The main motto to chant the mantra is that our subconscious mind will know that it is something important and it will not be just stored, it is going to be imprinted in our mind. Let’s read the mantra,

“I am going to read this book completely. My subconscious mind will memorize it and I am going to gain lots of knowledge and wisdom by implementing every inch of it”

– Tahsin

Reading the mantra every time you open the book will enhance and improve your knowledge. You can make your own mantra like this and read it. Make a mantra that is very specific about what you want. It should be clear and transparent to understand, it should not confuse your mind.

3. Go through index:

Going through index is hence a very important factor when you start reading a book, why? Because reading a book doesn’t have a pattern. There is no such law that you have to read the book from page 1 to the last page. If you follow this system then you are pressurizing yourself to just complete the book. If you read like this then you are going to get bored in the middle or else you will just torture yourself to complete the entire book till the last page. Remember guys, our goal is to let our subconscious mind memorize it and implement it when needed not just have a reading marathon. This is the first misconception that you are going to ditch.

4. Read 2-3 books at a time:

Why? because this will help you to maintain your interest in everything that you read and will help your mind to understand things faster. This is the second misconception which many people hold that to read a single book and complete it fully then jump to another. As I already mentioned that other people opinion doesn’t matter, you should be comfortable while reading. Obviously, when a person read a single book for 2-3 days he or she will attract boredom. Without giving burden to your mind, Relax and remember that you can read as many books as you like at the same time but don’t forget the mantra. Chant mantra every time you open the book.

5. Respect Your book:

Respecting your book is indeed a very important factor. The more you respect and value your book the more steady you are going to implement it. Let me explain to you how the subconscious works, things which you use and keep in a right place will be more important than the things which you just throw here and there randomly. It is our mindset that the things which we keep preciously are important and the things we put here and there is just a wastage or not important at all. So keeping the book near you is good but keeping it not right is actually wrong. So the conclusion is to give value to the book if you want to gain knowledge and wisdom.

6. Read 3-4 times if you don’t understand:

Yes, only completing a book is not our mission but to imprint all that writing into our mind. If there I a line or paragraph or a term that you don’t understand, read it 3-4 times. After reading it if you still have doubts google about it and try to know the meaning.

These are the 6 top ways to memorize a book and to take complete advantage by implementing it into your daily lives. By following these ways you are going to understand each and every word of it and will be gaining 100% knowledge and information.

If you like my blog, feel free to comment and do subscribe to read more like this.

Thank you

Want to be happy?

Understanding people: ways to understand others


Hey friends,

Hope you are doing good.

We live in a world where we cannot neglect people, we have to interact with people in our day to day lives. So for living peacefully we need to interact with people.

All of us are different. My idea of happiness or peace would be different from yours. But there is one important thing that we must all know to avoid any misunderstanding or conflicts – Understanding the action and feelings of people.

10 ways to understand people:

  • Stop reacting recklessly:

Whenever a situation arises try to remain calm. It will help you to think positively as well as it will not lead you to any quarrel.

  • Don’t be judgemental:

Never judge a book by its cover- a very old but a special proverb. Don’t have opinions based on other’s story or your assumption. Whenever you meet a person think of them as an empty diary. Fill in the diary after your experiences.

  • Always have a positive perception:

Positive perception helps you to see good in everybody. (nobody is completely wrong). The most important factor is to always have positive assumptions.

  • Think people as people not god:

Many people tend to think that others cannot make any mistake. This is clearly a false assumption. Everybody makes mistake. We should try to correct their mistake not criticize them.

  • Forgive people:

Always give second chance to a person, why? because a mistake can happen. No matter if the mistake was done knowingly or unknowingly, everybody deserves a second chance.

  • Read expressions carefully:

Whenever we communicate, our subconscious already read the expression but we never think and react recklessly. Think for a second then react wisely. Try to maintain frequent eye contact, this will help people to open to you.

  • Drop your expectations:

Never expect anything from anyone. strictly emotions. Everybody is different from others. if you do good to somebody, that does not mean that the other person will do the same. Do good because the world needs humanity not because you are going to need future help

  • Listening skills:

Listening skill is indeed a very important factor. It will subsequently make you clever and smart. Keep your mobile aside while talking. Nod your head while listening. lean towards the person you are talking to.

  • Take Criticism positively:

Always take criticism positively, also never insult while criticizing. Always criticise in privacy with kind words or phrase. Every time ask for co-operation, never demand or order it

  • Giving praises:

Have a habit to praise others when they do something good. Two praises a day will make the other person’s day as well as maintain your good relationship with them.

For understanding and maintaining good relations with people always remember to feed the ego of others. The most important person for everybody is their own self. If we give value and respect to them they will automatically fall in your hand.